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Online Tips Index / Routing/Router Table / Spring-Loaded Hold-Down

Spring-Loaded Hold-Down

Routing multiples with a template We often use a router table for cutting joints such as rabbets and dadoes. One of the secrets to routing an accurate joint is to make sure the workpiece is pressed firmly against the router table top.

To apply constant downward pressure, we made a simple "spring-loaded" hold-down. It's nothing more than a piece of wood about 12" long and 6" wide with a 1/8"-thick strip of wood glued to one edge.

To build in some spring, however, remove two corners from the piece of wood before attaching the strip.

In use, the hold-down is clamped to the fence so enough downward pressure can be applied to the workpiece to keep it flat against the table top — without causing the workpiece to bind.