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Router Table Jointer

Router Table Jointer With just a strip of plastic laminate, you can convert a router table into an edge jointer. In fact, a "router-jointer" puts a surprisingly straight edge on a workpiece.

To turn a router table into an edge jointer, simply attach the laminate to the left (outfeed) side of the router fence with carpet tape. The idea is to align one end of the laminate with the opening in the fence, see detail. I also file a bevel on this end to reduce the chance of a workpiece catching on the laminate.

This is nothing more than a squared-up scrap block that rides against the fence as you push the workpiece past the bit. To prevent chipout, just be sure the block is at least as thick as the workpiece.

Router Table Jointer Diagram

Straight Bit

All it takes to joint an edge is an ordinary straight bit. I prefer using a bit with a ½" shank. The thick shank helps reduce vibration and chatter. Note: One limitation with this setup is that the thickness of the workpiece can't exceed the length of the cutting edge on the bit.

Align Fence

After mounting the bit in the router, the next step is to align the fence. The goal is to position the fence so the surface of the laminate is flush with the outermost cutting edge of the bit, see detail. This will produce a cut that equals the thickness of the laminate.

Joint Edge

After locking the fence, you can turn the router on and joint the edge of the workpiece. To do this, hold the workpiece firmly against the fence as you slide it past the bit, making as many passes as needed to produce a straight edge.