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Online Tips Index / General Shop Tips / Miter Saw Workstation

Miter Saw Workstation

Miter saw workstation I like my power miter saw for its portability — I use it for everything from trimming molding for furniture projects to cutting 2×4s.

But I've never been happy with the small table of the saw. It doesn't provide much support for cutting longer pieces. So I built a portable workstation for the saw that doubles as an extension table, see photo.

To make the workstation, I started with a plywood base to fit the depth of the saw, but I made it about 16″ longer than the width of the saw. (This extra length provides space for the extensions.)

The extensions are just U-shaped channels that get screwed to the base to form a "box" on each side of the saw.

The tops of the extensions are plywood, while the sides are solid hardwood to provide better bite for the screws that hold the pieces together.

To determine the width of the side pieces, measure the height of the table on your miter saw. Then subtract the thickness of the plywood you're using for the tops. When the extensions are added to the base, the tops of the extensions should be flush with the table of the saw.

Before screwing all the pieces together, I cut out a couple of hand-holds to make it easier to lift the saw. With my saw screwed to the base, I can carry the whole unit from job to job.

Rod Swaffer
Plano, Texas